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Today’s organizations, businesses and institutions must continuously adapt if they are to remain relevant and effective. “The most common cause of failure in leadership is produced by treating adaptive challenges as if they were technical problems,” writes Ron Heifetz in The Practice of Adaptive Leadership. Knowing the difference between a technical fix and an adaptive solution is the key to transition leadership and growth for any organization.


Joe is able to bring a suite of process tools to an organization to help the leadership assess their current context and develop strategies for adapting and transitioning. He is able to apply the principles developed by organizational leaders like Ron Heifetz, Margaret Wheatley, Barry Johnson, Jim Collins and Dave Snowden. He uses the frameworks they developed including the hedgehog principle, the polarity management matrix and the cynefin framework. He enables all stakeholders to contribute to the process of transition by employing methods that include open space technology, world café conversations and appreciative inquiry. Key leaders will benefit from team building tools that include the Birkman Method®. The end result is a clear vision, mission and purpose for the organization and a detailed plan for transformation.

Contact Joe to discuss your specific organizational challenges in the midst of a changing context. As an ordained minister in the United Church, Joe also provides transitional ministry consulting as an alternative to appointing a resident interim minister. Click here to read about this program.

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