Organizational Development

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Assessment
As an organizational consultant, Joe uses a process of observation, research, analysis and feedback to provide insights into the corporate culture of an organization and determine how well the parts are working together as a whole. Processes include statistical research, world cafe conversations, interviews and and open space technology. The analysis provides the opportunity for further action, including staff education, organizational model revisions, policy development, and activities designed to shift the corporate or community culture.

Change Management
An organizational assessment usually results in potential changes being recommended. Often, changes will address the interpersonal behaviour and practices among staff and team members. Joe uses the Birkman Method along with other instruments to foster a better understanding of individual work styles, usual behaviours, relational needs, and causes of stress. The Birkman can also help align individuals with the best fit for work assignments and position descriptions. Assessments may also point to structural or policy changes that can help an organization become more effective at decision making and work-flow management.

Problem Solving and Team Building
Sometimes, assessments reveal a specific problem that is hindering an organization’s performance. The problem may be employee-driven or due to the business model, requiring either team building skills among employees and managers or modifications to the organizational model itself.

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