Organizational Health

Creating Sacred Conversations

From an article recently posted on the United Church of Canada website:   Joe Ramsay and Allan Reeve are big fans of talking. Not just casual dialogue, but focused dialogue that explores specific issues. For the last year, these two United Church ministers have been leading “Sacred Conversations” in Ottawa and in the Bay of Quinte Conference. These “conversations that matter” involve both lay and clergy members, allowing participants to get to know each other better and explore complex issues in a structured, respectful environment. ... Joe says he and Allan are using a three-step process to involve more people [...]

The Cynefin Framework

The Cynefin Framework developed by Dave Snowden helps leaders better understanding whether a system is simple, complicated or complex based on cause and effect relationships. Click the article title to read more.

The Hedgehog Concept

When a business or organization is engaged only in activities that they do better than anyone else, that core people are passionate about, and drive their resource or economic engine, then success is almost inevitable. Click the article title to read more.

Hedgehog Concept